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Q: What types of wedding planning packages do you offer and what is the difference between them?

A: The biggest different between Cherry On Top Events by Jen and an onsite venue coordinator is that we work for you, while the onsite coordinator works for the venue. Don't get me wrong, the venue coordinator can be a great resource; they will do everything under the sun to oversee everything they are responsible for. However, some brides are shocked when things go wrong because they thought their venue person would be on top of things. Not necessarily. If they have several events that day or are giving tours to other potential clients during the setup, they can't be held responsible for letting you know your flowers haven't arrived or your cake delivery is held up in traffic. Imagine walking into an empty room instead of the floral intensive ballroom you paid for. Your wedding planner’s job is to make sure everything arrives on time and complete. Things happen, but it is your wedding planner's job to see that things are fixed and end up perfect.

Q: Do you have a list of preferred vendors? Or will you work with vendors that we've already booked?

A: I've been planning events for over 20 years now!  I first started planning corporate events and then a bunch of my girlfriends started getting married and I started helping them.....and thus, Cherry On Top Events by Jen was born!  I immediately fell in LOVE with the wedding industry! You know when you truly know that you were born to do something?! Wedding planning was it for me! It is my absolute dream job! There's just something so self-satisfying about helping couples plan their wedding! It's one of the happiest days of their lives and I like to think that some of that happiness was because of me and my team!

Q: We've already booked our wedding venue and they have an onsite coordinator - how do they different from your business?

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: We offer Full Service, Partial Service, Day-Of Service, and Decoration Service Wedding Planning Packages! The main difference between the packages and how much help you need with planning your wedding - we want to be as involved in the wedding planning process as you want us to be! Do you have no idea where to start? Are you finding that all of the details are just too overwhelming? Do you have a vision that you just do not know how to execute on your own? If this sounds like you, our Full Service Package is the way to go! Or, do you have some planning done, but are finding you need some help? Are there specific areas that you're having troubles with? Do you just feel like you need someone to help you complete your wedding vision and tie everything together? If this sounds like you, our Partial Service Package is the way to go! Or, have you made all of the arrangements for your big day? Are you looking for someone to manage the final details and run your wedding day so you can sit back, relax and just enjoy? If this sounds like you, our Day-Of Service Package is the way to go! Or, do you just need someone to come in, set up all of your decorations and then come back at the end of the night and tear everything down, so you don't have to burden your family and wedding guests or worry is it's done how you want it? If this sounds like you, our Decoration Service Package is the way to go! Contact us to schedule your free consultation today to see how we can best work together!

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Q: How long have you been planning weddings and what made you get into wedding planning?

A: Yes, we have a contract for all of our wedding and event planning services! To retain our services, we do require a 50% first payment with a signed contract and the balance due 2 weeks prior to your wedding or event date. If you would like to break down the payments into a monthly or quarterly payment plan, just let us know and we can work together. For your convenience, we accept check, cash, money orders, and all major credit cards for acceptable forms of payment. Please note that all payments are non-refundable.

A: We very much connect with the Offbeat couple! We LOVE it when you like to take a spin on traditional wedding planning and add your own personalities to customize your wedding as a true reflection of you, as a couple! We're also a HUGE fan of statement pieces! Whether it be the bride that wants to incorporate her Persian heritage with an elaborate table spread, or the couple that wants to have a custom cake table made of all glass and sugar skulls as the cake topper, or the "to die for" floral backdrop made of paper flowers (Yeah, I'm still obsessed over that one to this day!), or the couple that wants to have Dragon Dancers at their reception - we love it all! Seriously! I have also found that work best with couples that communicate with exclamation points (!!!) vs periods (...) - I'm an excitable person and love weddings, so we want you to feel that excitement and passion as well when it comes to planning your wedding! So yeah, if you feel that we would be a good match for working together, please contact us today to schedule your consultation!

A: We have a wide range of professionals in the wedding and event planning industry! I am a strong believer in networking and building strong relationships with other vendors - after all, I'm only as good as the vendor team that are also helping with your wedding! And yes, if you have professional vendors that you've already booked and we've not worked with them before, we are always up for building new relationships! During the planning of your wedding, we'll take the effort to reach out to them and introduce ourselves before your wedding day!

A: Pricing is determined by a number of factors - how big is your wedding, where is your wedding located, what different types of services do you need us to help with, etc. Because each wedding is different and our couples have different wants and needs, we offer a free consultation! There's no cost or obligation for this consultation, but more of a way for us to get to know each other and how we can best work together. We do have a minimum fee of $950.00.

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Q: How much do you charge?

Q: Do you have a contract and what are your payment arrangements?

Q: What types of couples do you like to work with the most?